RESTful Web Services

Intecore is keenly aware of the need to reduce costs, and interoperability is key. We have the experience in building and integrating of may different platforms with micro-services, web services and 3rd party integrations that work on any operating system.

RESTful in Action

Intecore has been architecting, building and implementing complex data services for over twenty-five years. With today’s tools and computing power, RESTful web services built with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), are the bedrock to almost any Business Intellectual Property.

With REST, we can integrate your web services with any vendor, publsh your web services to customers, while integrating with your security infrastructure.

At Intecore, we have extensive experience from C#, .NET, NodeJs, PHP and Python to name a few. We work with your organization’s existing intellectual property and systems. We effectively transcribe your business IP into functional computer code. Our framework’s are built to get your RESTful Web Services up and running fast.

Intecore is RESTful from the ground up. Our goal is to greatly improve your organization’s data conversations. This leads to higher business intelligence value, opens up data science, all while keeping costs and management overhead low. With the added bonus of integrating with your existing IT department’s security, application implementation and security integration is standardized and boilerplate.

REST defines verbs that trigger actions.
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