AWS, Azure & GCP

Intecore has been a believer and an end-user of virtual and cloud technology for over two decades.

As budgets get ever tightened, you need a way to manage all of your data and applications off-premises. This saves you from expensive hardware and management expenses. In short, Intecore is here to focus on your core competencies, on any platform.

A Virtual World

Intecore embraces cloud computing. This puts you in control of your data and systems. Of course, this brings up a host of data management and security issues. But the benefit are nothing short of incredible. Much of the heavy lifting is hardware and monitoring now falls onto the cloud vendor. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform all provide a valuable service in managing your digital infrastructure.

Leveraging cloud providers like Amazon, Google and/or Microsoft provide a standard way across your organization to virtually manage hardware and applications. Intecore works with all cloud vendors for database applications, application management, server management and the entire data ecosystem. Whether you have an existing cloud preference(s), or you are looking to move into the cloud, Intecore is ready to ensure your success.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft power a virtual world.
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