Linux & Windows Integration

Intecore is keenly aware of the need to reduce costs, and interoperability is key. We have the experience in building and integrating many diverse platforms by-way-of micro-services, web services, SaaS and 3rd party integrations that work on any operating system.

Linux & Windows Projects

Intecore believes in working with customer requirements. Whether your business and development teams are a Windows shop, or you are a Linux Open-Source shop, or a hybrid of Linux servers with Windows desktops, Intecore is your partner. We integrate disperse systems through direct integrations, cloud-based components, to full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), our only goal is to ensure seamless integration for your dev and business teams.

At Intecore, we have extensive experience from C#, .NET, NodeJs, PHP and Python. From Powershell to Bash to Mac zsh to DevOps, we work with your organization’s existing intellectual property and systems to always build the best-of-breed solutions. Reducing friction across all platforms is a hallmark of Intecore’s customer engagements.

Intecore saves you money, and greatly improves the security of your information technology assets. By combining our knowledge of Linux and Windows, you can guaranteed agile and smooth systems build and operations. You can be assured of the most cost-effective solutions to drive your business forward and up.

Linux and Windows do work together.
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